Blender Mentorship with rileyb3d

With 15 years of experience in Blender and running a successful freelance 3D service business, I can help you master this powerful tool faster than you ever could through tutorials alone. Get ready to accelerate your skills with personalized guidance.

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Mentorship with Industry Expertise

I've got a comprehensive experience in 3D modeling and visualization. I have managed a 3D department, leveraging Blender for product visualization and commercial advertising projects. Throughout my decade-long freelance career, I have applied Blender extensively across a diverse range of projects, from interior visualization to visual effects in film, demonstrating my versatility and expertise in the field.

  • I've been using Blender as a generalist since 2008, developing a deep understanding of its capabilities.
  • I managed a 3D department focused on product visualization and commercial ads using Blender.
  • My freelance career spans over a decade, during which I've applied Blender to a wide range of projects, from advertising to film VFX.

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Mentorship sessions are scheduled and payed for one hour at a time. Rates are subject to change, but as of now I'm charging $199 for a one hour session.

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