Hey, I'm rileyb3d

If you're here, you probably know me from my youtube channel where I teach about 3D software and indie production. This is my support site! It's similar to something like Patreon, but I wanted to build something unique. I did this for basically two reasons:

  1. I want to have control over my offerings. For example, I want you to have a large categorized and searchable database of my assets. I also wanted a space to provide longer, multi-video course content.
  2. I don't want any of your support going to a third party. If you donate money for me to make more trainings and resources, I want as much as possible to go to that. The smaller percentage of your money that gets skimmed off to feed other platforms, the better! Other support sites can skim as much as 30% off of what you donate. Here, only 0.9% goes towards the platform itself.
From my Lunar Maintenance Vehicle prop pack

You make this platform possible

Not me, not Blender, but you! World building and storytelling may be why I do what I do, but without your support, I don't have a way to make it all come together. Thanks for considering supporting.