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Hey! I'm Riley (rileyb3d). As I work, now and then I'll create custom assets. Textures, 3D models, tools, etc. When licensing permits, I'll give that stuff away here, on my site! Subscribing gets you access to everything.

I've also been known to produce trainings over on my YouTube. Problem is, YouTube's not always the best platform for sharing real in-depth stuff! It rewards content that's short, snappy, and engaging. Not always possible when I need to get in-the-weeds with teaching.

That's where this site comes in! Get assets & training you won't find anywhere else. All for a price I feel good about charging.

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*You might notice not all the props are currently up. They'll all be back in a matter of days. I'm just working on a few extra site features that require me to go through and update each prop. Thanks for your patience!
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